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RPM Records Ltd. Terms and Conditions


RPM Records Ltd. allows customers to return new items that are still sealed in cellophane and undamaged or as the item was upon the day of purchase as they wish within 14 days of purchase. Please note that we do not to offer refunds or exchanges for second-hand items. It is the customer’s responsibility to inspect the item and, if required, to listen to the items on the provided turntables set up specifically for that purpose.


If a customer wishes to put an item of stock aside for future purchase, they have two weeks (negotiable) in order to make a payment for the reserved item. After which point, the item will be returned to stock and will be made available for others to purchase.


RPM Records Ltd. is able to place orders for customers for specific items that are not currently in stock. Should it be something specific, we require a £5 non-refundable deposit per record (negotiable). Upon the order arriving into the store, if a deposit has been placed, the customer has four weeks to make a payment for the outstanding balance and to collect the record. Should four weeks pass without payment for the outstanding balance and collection of the record or items ordered, the customer will lose their deposit and the item will be added to stock for others to purchase.

Selling To RPM Records Ltd.

RPM Records Ltd. does have the means in order to purchase second-hand stock from customers. We would like to make you aware that we will not necessarily accept all items brought into the store; this will be at our discretion dependent on what the customer has to offer. The following items are taken into consideration when buying records from customers:

  • Condition of the media and the sleeve
  • How the records have been stored
  • Whether the items have been stored in a smoke and pet free environment
  • How old the records are and the rarity of each product

Should we feel that we would like to make you an offer, please bear in mind that we will not offer the current market value for the product, as at the end of the day, we still need to make a profit and make the transaction worthwhile. Furthermore, if you feel that you would like to find another means of selling your items, the staff at RPM Records Ltd. will be more than happy to advise you on the next course of action for you.

Loyalty Cards:

  • The customer loyalty card will provide rewards for regular customers at RPM Records Ltd.
  • In order to obtain a stamp on to their loyalty card, the customer must make a purchase of any record (12” single, LP, double LP, triple LP or box set) priced at £15 or above. The customer must collect 10 stamps on to their loyalty card in order to qualify for a discount of £10 off of their next vinyl purchase
  • Only one stamp can be redeemed per individual item purchase, ie., if a customer purchases a record priced at £30, this does not qualify for two stamps on their loyalty card. Stamps are given per item and so will earn one stamp for an item priced at £30
  • Once ten stamps have been collected on to the customer loyalty card, this can only be redeemed against brand new stock, not second-hand
  • Only one redemption of a £10 discount is allowed per transaction. The customer is not allowed to save up full loyalty cards of stamps and use them to be redeemed together in order to get a bigger discount
  • Stamps are not allowed to be transferred from one loyalty card to another. All ten stamps must be present on a single loyalty card
  • £10 redemption from a loyalty card cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer
  • Both distribution of stamps and redemption of £10 discount at the manager’s discretion

Many thanks,

Gregg and Karrie @ RPM x